Best massage in Honolulu

Wellness is our best gift for you.

Sakura Massage & Spa has been operating in Honolulu for eight years, our company now has 15 professional massage therapists. Our main services include: Japanese Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Hawaiian Massage, Thai Massage, Chinese Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Body Scrub, Foot Peeling, Head Therapy, Cupping and Scrapping therapy.

We are located on the 39th floor of Century Center, where you can see the romantic sea view and Diamond Head

Mountain during the day, and the night lights of the beautiful city at night. We offer special honeymoon packages for couples, prepare your own space with hand-folded swans, flowers, candles and music to create a sweet atmosphere.

And we believe it will bring you and your lover unprecedented enjoyment.

Our commitment has always been environment first, service first, provide each customer with unique service, let each customer come happy and return satisfied!